I Know You Were Here.

You were here few days back. How do I know? Well that's not a surprising thing for me to guess your presence. Though we are miles away and more than that though the world might think that the things have ended between us, we know they haven't.  As I step up in the most beautiful... Continue Reading →


People treasure memories, so that when they are all alone; away from the chaos and clatter of the world, they can sit back and let their mind wander. They let their mind walk through those abandoned memories. But over a phase of time they get busy with life. They get sonorously stuck.And soon their mind... Continue Reading →


At some point of life when you will be tired of your daily routine of travelling to your offices, if not then searching for a job or far from this when you will be settled in your life, but somewhere you won't be satisfied with your life. Find some time for yourself, because your soul... Continue Reading →

Every sunset indicates a NEW BEGINING !

Moving on is not forgetting about someone in an instant. It is not as simple as deleting a phone number or burning old pictures. It is not a slam of the door, walking away without looking back. The… Source: Every sunset indicates a NEW BEGINING !

The Comfort of Mortality

Wish I Were Here


It is the time of year for spirits. Nowadays, however, I remember souls rather than celebrate specters. Halloween used to be my most favorite of holidays. Over the many years of living overseas, my tradition had dwindled to consuming sweets and watching vintage horror films. Sometimes I’d carve a jack o’lantern, if I could find one. In spite of retailers trying to market Halloween to Eastern Europe, it has not caught on. When I moved to Poland in 2007, I experienced, for the first time, their tradition of All Saint’s and All Soul’s Days. Celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, is a time for families to come together and remember the departed. Although it is originally a religious holiday, it is also observed by non-believers. People usually visit several cemeteries, sometimes driving long distances to different cities or villages. Graves are adorned with candles and flowers. The…

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