Things I still wonder about you.

I wonder, do you still smoke cigarettes? The way you used to. Sitting in front of that big mirror, decorated with those messed up twinkling lights on.Exhaling the smoke into those small rings. Having me besides you, skin to skin.  I wonder do you miss that place of my balcony? Were we sat at 4... Continue Reading →


You are like an old abandoned building, an old street which I used to take every day.

Dear More than a Stranger, I am the worst kind of forgetful, as I still have those memories of the day when I last met you on the station. The memories are so fresh. No matter how many years pass by, I am still going to remember you, your name as if they are carved... Continue Reading →

Dear more than a stranger.

Dear more than a stranger,   I knew you were waiting for me, sitting on some bench at some end of the station. The thought of meeting you was all over my mind. I try to tuck and flip my hair properly, to cover my broad forehead rubbing it to wipe off the sweat that... Continue Reading →

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Memories of Marigold !

I woke up in a haphazard, searching for my cell phone somewhere under my pillow. I could hardly open my eyes as it was Saturday last night. The daylight which was peeping inside my room struggling to enter through the window as curtain was the hurdle; made me think as if it might be 6... Continue Reading →

Uncertain Things.

*Oh god* *Oh god* *Oh god* Did I just see him? No, may be I have mistaken. May be I was thinking so much about him the whole day that I'm seeing him everywhere. May be I'm stuck in a daydream. But how is this possible, same color complexion, same hairstyle, even the body language is... Continue Reading →

Top Long reads.

This week, we’re sharing stories by Ijeoma Oluo, Michael Hall, Erika Hayasaki, Jerry Saltz, and Caren Chesler. via The Top 5 Longreads of the Week — Longreads

I Know You Were Here.

You were here few days back. How do I know? Well that's not a surprising thing for me to guess your presence. Though we are miles away and more than that though the world might think that the things have ended between us, we know they haven't.  As I step up in the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

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