Weaker Yet The Stronger Her !!


And she was good at faking, because she would fake so well that no one knew that she had her two sides.

She would love seashores
And would walk down beaches,
Felt her soul lost in tides.

She would smile and laugh,
She lived a care-free life carrying her heart on sleeves.

She kept breaking down,
She kept running and running from all the happiness and eves.

At nights inner demons haunted her,
She would cry and cry,
And let her pillow soak her tears.

She isolated herself from world
Alone and fragile,
Never let anyone hear.

Never noticed by anyone,
She was black and white-
White and black were her only colors. 
She had a mesmerizing smile,
Always seen but never noticed by anyone,
Recklessness was her only pillar.

At times she was forlorn,
And sometimes her heart was filled with euphoria.

She kept going on and on,
Growing strong and strong,
Painting her own beauty
Living her each day hiding 
Divinity and vulnerability



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