I Know You Were Here.

You were here few days back. How do I know? Well that’s not a surprising thing for me to guess your presence. Though we are miles away and more than that though the world might think that the things have ended between us, we know they haven’t.  As I step up in the most beautiful part of the home balcony, which used to be our favorite. I know  you were here few days back the way chair has been kept. The way you used to sit and adore the pleasant breeze and those rains, they would make you so romantic that you would make love to me. I know you were here. The way this computer desk is kept messed up with a lot of stuff lying in an improper way in the drawer. I am sure you were unable to find your keys, because you always ended up calling me to help you out. I know you were here. Because the bedroom is still having the fragrance of your favorite deodorant. I know you were here. Because whom I met today never lets me forget you. They keep talking about all those silly talks you had with them, your changed priorities, your favorite football team, everything that you never shared with me but with them. And I know when you were here you missed me too the way am missing you now. Because a part of me still loves you and I know you love me back.


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