A Beautiful Souvenir.

People treasure memories, so that when they are all alone; away from the chaos and clatter of the world, they can sit back and let their mind wander. They let their mind walk through those abandoned memories. But over a phase of time they get busy with life. They get sonorously stuck.And soon their mind forgets the path to those memories which was all they had.


But I choose to treasure a beautiful souvenir as your reminder. It reminds me of feemlicity, that bad times are transient. It rinds me of your whispers through those dangling earrings and that never let’s me forget your voice. No wonder how far we are, but the sky still connects us. It reminds me of hope and the mysteries that the universe is will take care of. A beautiful souvenir of yours, that’s what I call it.-@secrets_in_the_soul



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