Every sunset indicates a NEW BEGINING !

Moving on is not forgetting about someone in an instant. It is not as simple as deleting a phone number or burning old pictures. It is not a slam of the door, walking away without looking back. There is no erasure, no wiping away, no looking back. It’s never a clean break. It’s never a clean slate.

Moving on is pretending not to see his face every time someone mentions the colour blue. Moving on is lying awake late nights crying badly in your bed. Moving on trying hard to sleep when sleep is miles away. Moving on is fooling your heart by saying you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine! moving on is passing by those places where you both used to hangout, sipping coffee and concentrating how bitter it tastes. Don’t look into his eyes. Don’t at his photos on social sites. Don’t wait foe the door bell to ring, expecting it to be him. Moving on is a battle. Moving on is eating his favourite food and wondering why! You never even liked that food in general. Moving on is fingers hovering over the delete button for deleting those conversations you used to have and all those voice mails, which you keep listening again and again. You will press the delete button eventually.

Eventually you will move on. You will take a fine time to move on, though you will be chasing rainbows all alone but that’s alright because you need to love yourself. You don’t need to remember the smell of his shirt any more. You don’t need to recall his voice. No more missing him, no more losing sleep. No more knots in your stomach, no more scars on your wrist. You will move as slowly as you need, but eventually you will be out of it, somewhere happy and smiling.!


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