Craving for a change !

Well there comes a time when you realise it’s better to move further then to remain stuck there forever and ever, keep trying to mend the things, and the efforts are as waste as a spilt milk on the floor. Things around you crave for a terrible change, a change which wants to push you towards your positive side, which wants you to grow up into better then your past !!

Its never a sin to love yourself. 🙂

Yeah, no matter what you did in past, no matter what you are guilty of, no matter how much you cry at night to sleep, You deserve to be love by yourself !!! And only then you are ready to accept your changes within yourself. Always remember, you are worthy of all the love around you, you are special enough to be loved till eternity, you are amazing to be proud of yourself. Never search for validation from another person, don’t be overpowered by the demons of depression, sadness, tears, anexity. Don’t be blinded by the superficiality of being given
attention because you are more
than that.

So starting right now, let the sunbeams touch your face, and you glow up like a pearl in the shell. Let the rain trickle on your skin, and you feel the moisture in your life again. Feel every heartache, so that you can enjoy every laugh, savor every tear from your eyes but learn from it all and always do better next time for you are an unfinished work of art and these are the pigments of life that beautify you.


Keep loving and spread love!
Stay strong♥


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