Time heals all the scars !

Well sometimes we find ourselves trapped in the cobwebs of the emotions. They are too hard to wipe off, too difficult to come out and jump back to normal. We feel as if the world is the worst place to survive and hiding somewhere will be the best option at the moment. Such cobwebs make one vulnerable. It turns us fragile, weak, obnoxious; but TIME heals all the pain. Its said when we open our heart to someone very special, we get better day by day ! They help us in surviving, fighting back the situations no matter how hard it gets. Time has the intense power to heal all the wounds, but scars still remain on the heart. But we get strong enough to deal with such kind of scars, and then comes a time such when cobwebs can’t trap us anymore.


Everything will fall at its own place

soon. Miracles take place everyday, just wait for your day”


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